Real Talk

What began as a simple idea in the spring of 2016 is now a two-year-old podcast and blog. I have to admit that Lovey Dummies is the first to take the back seat when we are swamped by life’s demands. And still, in our second year of podcasting, we managed to release 16 episodes.

Since Dave works on the tech side of the show, I’m in charge of all the other aspects including the selection and invitation of guests.

Although all of us has a unique story to tell, I learned from podcasting that only very few are willing to open up and share their stories to the world. Understandably, it’s never easy to talk about our challenges, struggles, failures and lessons in life learned the hard way. Many things, like the complexities of emotions, can get in the way. So despite having an experience that could potentially impact many, not everyone is comfortable to talk about their personal life, have it recorded, and made available for download.

Last year, we had the honor to have ten truth speakers from five different countries to grace our show. They inspired us with their courage to speak their minds. We wept, laughed, and enjoyed our conversations, together with about 28 countries who have tuned in.

As we begin a new season in podcasting and blogging, we are hoping to leave our comfort zone to give you a wider spectrum of human relationships and life experiences. We would like to connect with strangers and have them on the show—followers and connections in social media, who are willing to unveil their hearts to reach others who feel isolated in their situation. We would love to discuss topics that are normally avoided because they are hard, painful, and bitter in order to reach those who are in a similar place.

If you would like to help us reach out to others, let us know. If you have questions you are afraid to ask, we have an anonymous contact form. If you have a story or an experience that you’d like to share, know that you are welcome here.

Let’s talk.